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Yellow Page Scraper

This fast, automatic program that will gather business information from The Yellow Pages according to your search terms. Collects thousands of business names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites into a CSV database. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Instant Profitable Leads

Get instant free leads to sell your services via email, cold calling, or direct mail. Export databases To CSV for building websites or to sell immediately at a high price per lead.

Run Multiple Jobs at Once

Multiple window/instance support means you can have any number of jobs running at once, increasing the speed and variety of leads you can generate.

Proxy and VPN Support

Compatible with any proxy or VPN system, ensuring you never face blocks or outages.

Completely Free

Similar software costs $50 to $100 or more. Get this free for a limited time.

Full Lifetime Support

Full support and advice from our expert staff. Installation services are also available.


  • Gathering a Database of Attorneys in New York
  • Gathering Process Completion
  • Database of Doctors in Los Angeles

Hundreds of Positive Reviews

This Software is brilliant!!! there are people on Fiverr charging to pull the same lists this software pulls. This saves me tons of money on leads. This is great. Seller is good communicator. Instructions were good.Mealfits
Tremendous product and a great seller! I will purchase whatever he has available.Ed Selkow
Good transaction - I did have an initial problem because I wasn't familiar with a couple of the things I needed to use, but I sent a question, got a response and resolved the problem. It's an interesting and very useful tool.Litekpr
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